Emergency Light & CFLs

Emergency Light & CFLs
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Bajaj ELX 10 11-Watt Emergency Light
Lightweight and Portable Design The Bajaj ELX 10 emergency light is a nice solution to your regular ..
₹1,895.00 ₹1,644.00 -13%
Ex Tax: ₹1,644.00
DP 0.5-Watt LED Emergency Light (Blue)
DP 0.5 Watt LED Emergency Light . It has 20,000 hours of long life and can save up to 80 percent ene..
₹297.00 ₹274.00 -8%
Ex Tax: ₹274.00
DP 30 LEDs Rechargeable Emergency Light
The emergency light is with built in long life and maintenance free rechargeable lead acid battery o..
₹599.00 ₹349.00 -42%
Ex Tax: ₹349.00
DP 42 LEDs Rechargeable Emergency Light
DP 42 LEDs Rechargeable Emergency Light is with built in long life and maintanance free rechargeable..
₹699.00 ₹468.00 -33%
Ex Tax: ₹468.00
DP LED 20 LED Rechargable Light
The Emergency light iis built in with a rechargable Lithium Ion battery of 1300 mAh. The Battery has..
₹649.00 ₹335.00 -48%
Ex Tax: ₹335.00
Eveready BHK 20, 27 and 15-Watt Combo CFL (White and Pack of 3)
Incorporates Advanced Technology for Long LifeThis Eveready BHK CFL bulb pack comprises 3 bright and..
Ex Tax: ₹670.00
Eveready ELD 15-Watt CFL with Free AA Battery (Pack of 3, White)
All bulbs don't give out the same type of light. Some are brighter and cooler, while the others are ..
Ex Tax: ₹555.00
Eveready ELS 27 and ELD 15-Watt CFL(Free 2 AA Battery) (White and Pack of 2)
Pack of 2Fitted with B22D cap & Free 1 AA Battery with every ELD 15-Watt CFLPowered by VFRT (Voltage..
Ex Tax: ₹445.00
Eveready ELS 27-Watt CFL (White and Pack of 2)
CFL bulbs provides bright light, those on the lookout for one can opt for the Eveready 27 W CFL. Man..
Ex Tax: ₹650.00
Eveready HL52 39-LEDs Rechargeable Home Light (Red)
39 LEDs Overcharge Protection Over Discharge Safety strong plastic bodySeparate switch for LED torch..
Ex Tax: ₹1,700.00